The Bespoke Design Process

Guiding You, Step-By-Step, to Achieve What You Want

As you would imagine, commissioning a new home extension of any kind is rarely straight forward. You may have some knowledge of what is involved, however, we will, in advance, guide you through exactly what is involved, where each phase begins and ends and an understanding of how much time is likely to be involved from initial design to completion and sign of final build.

Stressful or Not?

It’s a very personal thing. Some customers find the process somewhat stressful, with surveyors, builders and installers on site for several weeks or months. There will be some inevitable disruption the excavators, tools, skips and materials on site – it is after all a building site for a while. However, many customers enjoy the whole project, watching the gradual progress of their dream extension becoming a reality.

It may well be that your new extension is the biggest investment you will make, other than your home itself, so it’s important you take the time to think it through before you make your final decision.

How Long Will it Take?

The time needed from start to finish will vary subject to planning and decision making, however, as an estimate, it is usually between three to six months. If you consider that a year to build a house isn’t at all unusual, it is understandable that your extension will take some time. It may be a project smaller in size than a house build however, the same regulations and trades are involved with an orangery extension, with the addition of a higher skill set with the installers.

Planning3Planning and Regulations

If you have no building restrictions where you live then, subject to the materials you choose, the process from start to completion can take just a few months.

If you find yourself in a more complex process, it can take much longer. If, as an example, you live in a location classified as an area of architectural beauty, or your home is listed or in a conservation area, just gaining permission to build can be relatively complex and time consuming.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Of course, you want your home back with your new extension complete as quickly as possible, we understand that, but there is little point in being less than open or honest from the start.

So, whether you choose to use our expertise, or that of another specialist company to undertake this project, our advice is to do your homework and ask all your questions, then once you have everything go with your ‘gut feel’ it’s usually a good indicator.

Whilst there will be some disruption and perhaps higher than usual stress levels at times, creating a fabulous new addition to your home will be very worthwhile. When you’re relaxing or entertaining in your new space a few months later, you won’t remember the inconvenience, but you will be delighted you did it.

Your Design Visit

A designer will be appointed for your project and will visit you in your home to guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

They will discuss what you have in your mind and take you through the merits of the different materials and the designs that will best suit your property and your needs. Where possible it is useful if all those involved are available for your first meeting as the initial design briefing is pivotal to getting your design, material requirements and details right.

How Much Time to Allow

Generally, your first site meeting and project discussions average around an hour and a half, it will depend on the size and complexity of your particular project.

Your Design, Visuals and Pricing

Following the first visit, your designer will begin your initial design, including photo realistic GGI images so that you can see exactly how your extension will look on your home. A set of architectural drawings will be created showing measurements and provisions of your orangery together with a written specification, including a fully transparent pricing breakdown. This comprehensive design service is all part of our complimentary service to you.

As every orangery brings its own vagaries and complexities we arrange a second visit to your home or at our showroom and go through our designs with you and explain exactly what we have done for you. You may well have thought of elements you’d like changed, include or exclude and this is the perfect time to go through any alteration you require.

Orangery surveyor approaching a home with plans
Building plans and a protractor

Your Contract Survey

Once you have decided that working together with Bespoke Design to complete your project is right for you, you will receive a visit from our architectural surveyor.

His job is to take pin point accurate site measurements ready for the manufacture of your extension (all the ‘bits’ which aren’t building works).

If it’s discovered that your project needs planning consent or listed building consent, you don’t need to worry, we have our own in-house planning specialists,  so we can undertake this service for you, for your complete peace of mind.

Your Building Work

The turnkey service we offer does include the services of a full construction and building team. All your building services, including electrics, plumbing and so forth can be included if you wish. If you have your own preferred builder and team of specialist trades you like to use, that’s fine too, we’ll be happy to work with them.

The only thing to bear in mind is that any other trade professionals will be responsible for their own work and cannot be included in our comprehensive guarantees.

Dewalt Skill Saw

Your Manufacture and Installation

As we are design and build experts at Bespoke Design, we have the skills and experience to work with all available materials such as hardwood and aluminium, and on occasions when it’s requested, PVCu. We don’t just work in one material. You can choose what is best for you and your home.

With all manufacturing processes, the time required can vary from 4 – 14 weeks depending on the material you require.  Your dedicated project manager will keep you informed of the timings involved, so that there are no surprises and you know exactly what is going to happen and when.

Experience and Training of Installers

It is vitally important that experienced installers carry out your project. All our installers are apprentice trained carpenters who have been part of the company for many years. This is just another area where compromises cannot be made.

Please feel free to contact us below, we’ll be happy to answer your questions