Beautiful Orangery Project on Completion

The brief from our client was that they wanted to increase the size of their kitchen for a better dining room, whilst at the same time to knock through to the snug room which is used as a space for relaxation.

This project involved comprehensive, and quite complex structural works to create the new openings. As a major section of the lower rear wall was to be removed and structural steel added for support, accurate structural calculations were needed to ensure stability.

The footings needed to support the entire structure were more than a metre deep due to soil conditions, the liquid concrete was then pumped in.

The block and beam floor construction had a flow screed finish added to give a level surface for the finished floor covering.

As you can see from the calculations in the images, a great deal of detail was needed for the building works team to follow. The senior surveyor completed more than a dozen separate drawing processes before finalising, you can see the detail in the drawings below.

The final result was a wonderful orangery that delivered a stunning kitchen and dining room space.


Completed Orangery with kitchen knock through
Liquid concrete pumped into the foundations
Block and beam floor in base
Acro props in place to support upper wall of the house
All lower wall removed
Finished steel work in place
Structural calculations for steel erection
Flow screed flooring
Plastering inside orangery
Start of orangery construction
Fibre glass roof covering 25 year guarantee
Interior of orangery complete
Interior of orangery dining area
Orangery extension to the back of a large home